Peckham Industries is always trying to come up with new and improved products, and Enhanced Calcium Chloride is no different. As we recall the harsh winter of 2014 and the shortage of salt for all the municipalities, we came up with a way to improve the effectiveness of the melting process and be able to do it by using less salt thus saving tax payers and municipalities money. By using the addition of a biodegradable thickening agent to our regular Calcium Chloride, Enhanced Calcium Chloride has the ability to adhere to the salt with greater reliability. With the addition of Calcium Chloride to the salt, melting can happen at a much lower temperature thus making the roads safer for the public. The Calcium Chloride can, in certain instances, save up to 25 percent in salt usage. This is achieved by the Calcium migrating on the road as the salt melts giving a wider range of coverage. Peckham Industries has provided many municipalities with a demonstration of the process and we have had rave reviews on the product and its capabilities. Although we have had a very mild winter, much to the delight of most people in the Northeast Region, the product did have success on the few very cold days we incurred. We at Peckham thrive on the opportunity of new products and ways to make the roadway safer for drivers and with this product we have done both.