Peckham Materials recently introduced an enhanced calcium chloride product for stockpile treatment of salt and salt /sand (granular) blends.  The new product, WinterCoat©, greatly improves the performance of treated granular materials by allowing the liquid to adhere to them. Several demonstration projects have been performed over the past two months with spectacular results.  It is factual and well known, by years of practical use and experience by many agencies that calcium chloride will greatly improve the melting capacity of salt, particularly during very cold weather.  The calcium chloride activates the salt brining process. This allows the salt to work at colder temperatures that are outside of the normal ranges which salt is economically effective.  The problem in the past was that the calcium chloride would leach out of the granular materials, which presented a stumbling block in establishing its use for stockpile treatment.  With this new product we can treat granular stockpiles at 8 gallons per ton with no leaching.  This is accomplished by using a very low dose of high performance, safe additive that allows the calcium chloride to bond with the granular materials.  The product can be dyed using food grade dyes and treated with our corrosion inhibiting additive.  This is a revolutionary breakthrough in snow and ice control and we are anxious to speak to you about it.