Reclamation isn’t just for Muncipalites, even private roads and parking lots can benefit from the advantages we provide. Reclamation LLC reclaimed 3 separate parking lots in Fairfield County, CT for a privately owned corporate campus. That’s 22,000 square yards reclaimed, regraded and stabilized in just 9 days. The owner was originally looking for a typical mill and fill, but due to the fatigue and cracking unstemming from an unstable subbase, they came to Reclamation LLC. The owner wanted the job done, and done right, and once he knew how the reclamation process would add stability and longevity to the parking lot the decision was made quickly. Despite the additional costs, the owner saw how much value added to this project. Tried and true, Reclamation once again saves the day!


Nick Deitrich, Reclamation LLC