Listen to what Peckham’s customers are saying.

“I could not be happier with our paving this year. The asphalt from the Chestertown Plant is great and the paving crew from PRC [Peckham Road Corp] is putting smiles on all of our faces. Thank you for the service and the awesome job.”

Jason Monroe

Highway Superintendent, Town of Chester

“Winter was no match for us since Peckham Materials Corp came out with their pugmill and treated our 1,000 ton stockpile of salt with Calcium. We noticed right away the hours saved plowing and reduced our salt usage by 20%. It also helped save our roads from a lot of wear and tear since the Calcium Enhanced Salt performed so well and we didn’t have to do as many runs with the plow. We are true believers in this product, and we will only salt our roads with salt that has been enhanced by Peckham.”

Ralph Signoracci

Director of Operations, City of Cohoes

“Using Bridge Deck Membrane has been a great help to us to get the job done. From the ease of placement, to the reduction in time and labor, the whole process has greatly helped expedite our projects. We’ve seen some great results using this product and it’s a nice bonus for us to have to only pave one lift!”

Chuck Forte

Vice President of Paving, Posillico Civil Inc.

“Peckham Industries has been a part of our road program in the Town of Ballston during my years as Superintendent. Their competitive prices along with the flexible and timely service have helped our Paving, Recycling and Pavement Preservation Programs. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Joe Whalen

Superintendent of Highways, Town of Ballston

“I have different types of soil conditions in my town and working with Peckham gives me the availability to use the right process for my roads.”

Chris Rieban

Town of White Creek

“Having worked with Peckham let’s me take advantage of their sales staff’s knowledge on the newest road maintenance process that are available today.”

Mike Graham

Town of Kingsbury