Representatives from Peckham have been meeting with local highway officials as they prepare for another winter. Working with representatives from OxyChem (our liquid Calcium Chloride supplier) a demonstration project is being held on November 4th in Dutchess County. Rock salt (NaCl) will be run through our pugmill, and 7 gallons of CaCl (per ton of rock salt) will be added to it. A new food-grade thickener will be added to the liquid calcium chloride so that there is no “run off” from the pile; the well-mixed products can be applied to the road with less bounce and scatter. The combination of both types of chloride products will give the road-clearing crews the best of all snow and ice fighting capabilities. After the last two very cold winters, customers using liquid CaCl can attest to its ability to heat and melt at much colder temperatures than rock salt. Call your representative today to see how we can help you.