Chestertown’s asphalt plant is projected to be very busy this year. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Kent Barton, Plant Manager, and his staff had a busy 3 months getting ready for the May 1st opening by erecting a new drum plant. They took down the old batch plant, and put up the new plant in anticipation of the busy season ahead. Some of the differences between a batch plant and drum plant are;

Batch Plant

–          A lot of moving parts which is a lot of maintenance

–          Many stages of production that materials go through

–          Versatility in ability to switch mixes one after the other

Drum Plant

–          Less stages of production which results in mixes made quicker

–          Very efficient with production and high production jobs are completed faster

–          Less maintenance driven


Chestertown was a batch plant for 25 years (Fun Fact: Chestertown started as a drum plant). Donny Cooper, our long time plant operator, who just retired as the new plant was completed,  did a great job for all those years. As he retires we say thank you to Donny and look forward to marching to our new drum!