Precise Contracting’s project, Hudson Park, in New Rochelle had a problem… How could they find a supplier to complete a 2,700cy Mat Slab in one monolithic pour? After searching and talking with many suppliers, most of whom were going to team up (including us), they finally made the right choice, Byram Concrete! With the help of Brewster Transit Mix we prepared for our overnight pour with all hands on deck from both companies. It took a lot of preparation, planning and jumping through hoops, but on Friday, July 14th we started at 7:30PM getting the show on the road. Then, at around 4AM Brewster joined the party, after we already had 1,200CY out (and a whole lot of coffee). We were all running the road, and even an accident on I-95 couldn’t stop us. Then 15 hours later, it happened, we completed the pour! With team work, communication and some good old fashioned grit amongst all of us at Byram, Brewster and Precise we seamlessly completed the mat slab. To whomever said “If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy” had the right idea, because it wasn’t easy, but it sure was worth it!

Mike Mistishin, Byram Concrete & Supply