icyroadsWe are still in the midst of an absolutely brutal winter – the 2nd in a row. All of Peckham’s municipal customers are involved in snow and ice control operations and we are involved every day in supplying the materials needed by municipalities to control snow and ice. We provide sand from our quarries and gravel operations. This sand is vital for keeping upstate New York and Vermont roads passable by providing needed traction on road surfaces. We sell liquid calcium chloride to enhance the ability of rock salt to melt ice and snow. This winter was a perfect example of why you need calcium chloride in your snow and ice control arsenal. The cold weather makes salt ineffective. Unless it is mixed with calcium chloride to enhance its properties allowing it to work at much lower temperatures the salt is being wasted. Since calcium chloride is efficient and makes the salt effective at single digit temperatures it will reduce your salt applications thus saving your dwindling and valuable salt inventories. In partnership with Oxychem , our supply partner, we provide the highest quality liquid calcium chloride available. We have the inventory capacity to store large quantities of calcium chloride assuring you that, unlike salt, you will not be left short. Your Peckham Industries sales representative will be discussing calcium chloride with you and the options available to you for fighting snow and ice.