Reclaim_Conf_3During the week of June 13, 2016, the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) hosted the Northeast States In-Place Recycling Conference in Burlington, VT. Top engineers from 11 state DOT’s attended three days of seminars that highlighted the latest technology and research in the road recycling industry. As long-time ARRA members and industry leaders, Reclamation, LLC and Peckham Road Corp. hosted over 75 conference attendees for live demonstrations on their nearby project sites.

Reclamation, LLC, in conjunction with the City of South Burlington, reclaimed and stabilized a small but heavily used parking lot at a City athletic facility. We added asphalt emulsion to the pulverized material to create a “new” durable base that will serve the community for years to come. Our expert fine grading and compaction team reshaped the existing material to restore proper drainage and ensure a smooth parking surface.

Peckham Road Corp completed a very challenging cold in-place recycling project for the Vermont Agency of Transportation on Route 7 in Milton, VT. Foamed asphalt was injected into the top 3 inches of the very deteriorated road surface, and after four days of curing, the Peckham Road Corp, paving crew will apply a hot mix asphalt wearing course. In the face of ceaseless traffic and a complicated geometric configuration, our crews remained calm and delivered an exceptional product!

Chris Suttmeier, Vice President, Peckham Industries, Inc. presented to those in attendance. The topic was full depth reclamation construction specifications. Chris has had 25 plus years of quality control and manufacturing experience in hot mix asphalt, full depth reclamation, emulsions and various other products. He is very well versed and qualified to speak on the topic.

The conference attendees were uniformly impressed with both demonstrations. We can talk about recycling all day long (and we do!), but seeing it in action is far more powerful. Hopefully, the images of our work will be carried back to transportation agencies across the Northeast, and will continue to propel our industry into the future.

Emilie Simoneau, Reclamation, LLC