On March 7th and 8th we joined 750 Attendees for Advocacy Day held in Albany, NY at the Legislative Office Building.  Advocacy Day is to rally for our roads by reaching out to our State Legislators and teaching them the importance of sound infrastructure, and how important state funding is to help maintain the integrity of our local roads, bridges, and highways through State programs such as CHiPS and PAVENY. These programs are critical to disperse State funding for capital construction of infrastructure that meets or exceeds the guidelines set by the NYS DOT. Without this funding, many municipalities would not be able to maintain safe roads, or bridges that are in dire need of repair, or replacement without burdening the local taxpayer!

Geared up in our safety orange t-shirts, we set off with many other stakeholders who come from both the private and public sector who share our passion for quality local roads and bridges. Not only did we rally with 750 attendees, but over 2 dozen Legislators spoke in the well of the Legislative Office Building on behalf of NYS funding to fix failing local infrastructure throughout the state of New York. This year in particular our voices were heard, and they were heard loud and clear!  It was reported that 137 Legislatures signed a petition designed to add an additional $150 million in State funding to programs which help support local municipalities. This Advocacy Day was a success and we couldn’t be prouder to be louder for such an important cause!

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Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Industries Inc.