When working in the highly congested areas of New Jersey- where space is limited, alternative off-site parking is nonexistent and a mere detour or road closure sign is simply not an option, strategic staging may be the only solution to accommodate the customer’s parking needs during the reclamation process. Avionic Instruments LLC Located in Avenel, NJ, is world-renowned in advanced power and control technology for military, commercial, and government customer base. With approximately 200 employees and a 5,200 square-yard parking lot, the Avionics project tasked our team with maintaining adequate employee parking throughout the project.

After a preliminary discussion with the owner, the engineer, and the general contractor, the objective was to complete the project in two complete phases (requiring two mobilizations). Phase 1: entrance lane and the right half of the parking lot and Phase 2: left half of the parking lot and the exit lane. This was all in effort to maintain employee parking. The installation of new storm drains challenged the grader operator with extensive pitch adjustments which made it necessary to reclaim the entire parking lot as one phase, and possibly creating a crisis for parking.

The result; employee parking was virtually uninterrupted. The employees used the exit lane to access the parking lot while we reclaimed and stabilized the entrance lane and straight to the back of the parking lot.  Once this area was completed, the employees used this area for temporary parking which to our surprise, accommodated the employees while we reclaimed the parking lot.

Customer satisfaction is a function of quality workmanship, and in our business quality workmanship lends to how well we can accommodate the needs of the customer from start up to project completion.

The New Jersey Crew delivered just that.

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC