Cricket Valley Energy Center is a fully-permitted approximately 1,100 megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired power plant now under construction in an industrially-zoned site off Route 22 in Dover, New York. For a number of years, we’ve waited patiently for Cricket Valley Energy, the Town of Dover, members of the various regulatory communities and the residents of Dover to come to agreement and approval to start Project. After they have carefully navigated the concerns of each party, the start of construction was marked this summer as contractors were hired to do site-work clean-up, land clearing and the installation/repair of roadways and the entranceway from Route 22.

The natural gas-fired facility will use state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible combustion turbine technology, and will be among the most efficient energy producers in New York, with the ability to generate electricity for nearly one million homes. The 193-acre property, located at 2241 Route 22, has existing energy infrastructure, including electric power lines and a natural gas pipeline, as well as a substantial tree buffer that will minimize visual and sound impacts.  The location provides an important opportunity for economic revitalization, creating jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Dover.  These factors combine to make it a smart site for Cricket Valley Energy Center’s clean-burning natural gas power plant.

The potential economic impact of the project is significant.  The project’s annual tax payment is estimated to be $3.3 million, escalating to approximately $7.9 million which will be spread among the school district, town, county, and state.

PMC was a chosen supplier of construction aggregates for the start of the project and has plans to work with various contractors and supply a large portion of the construction aggregate requirements for the project.  We wish all a successful project and hope that this is the first of many projects in a larger initiative to revitalize a once proud but recently depressed economy.

Location: 2241 Route 22, Dover Plains.
Output: 1,100 megawatts.
Generator: Natural-gas fired, combined cycle. Combined cycle plants use waste heat from the natural-gas turbine to power a steam turbine.
Cost: $1.54 billion.
First proposed: 2009.
Completion expected: Early 2020.
Construction jobs: 1,100 at peak, 500 on average.
Permanent jobs: Between 25 and 30.